Emergency Preparedness

We build community with our neighbors by preparing for any emergency. This includes collaboration with municipal agencies, local businesses, and organizations such as the Emergency Communication HUB groups. This goes beyond gathering a first aid kit. In order to become comfortable in offering and accepting help, we must get to know one another and learn to trust each other. We offer tools to help neighbors meet up, discuss strategies to get prepared, and create opportunities to outreach to the wider local network.

Map Your Neighborhood & Emergency Communication HUB

Preparing for an emergency involves many different aspects; personal prep, neighborhood prep, larger community, as well as city and state preparations. We offer help to our community in getting to know their neighbors through a program created for WA state called Map Your Neighborhood. This program gives a step-by-step process to plan for a disaster. We also offer strategies for building your home kits, training for volunteering at the Emergency Communications HUB, and other ways to get prepared.

If you are interested in helping in this effort contact: neseattleprepares@gmail.com