Mission, Goals, Values


Our mission is to support the transition of our community toward resilience and sustainability.


  • Raise awareness of climate change and global resource depletion
  • Promote pathways to a future that affirms life for present and future generations
  • Learn to share resources and talents with our neighbors, thus creating a more vibrant local economy
  • Connect and cooperate with neighborhood organizations, local schools, faith organizations, businesses and governments.
  • Participate fully in the growing network of sustainability and transition networks in our region and around the world
  • Support the creation of smaller working groups, or guilds, which will focus on particular areas of interest and initiate positive, visible projects


Inclusiveness – We aim to include all members of our neighborhood, regardless of race, age, religion or economic status. We communicate across generations in conversations about sustainability and resilience.

Relationship to nature – With respect for the connectedness of living things, we find active ways to promote an ecologically and socially just future.

Celebration – We recognize the role of community in acknowledging the seasons and our passage through them. We take time to celebrate our place, our relationship to one another and the gifts we are given.

Respect – We listen respectfully and participate as fully as we are able. We seek and integrate feedback about our organization on a regular basis.

Communication – We communicate regularly about the activities of the organization, and are transparent in our decision making processes.

Creativity – We acknowledge the role of creativity in bringing about change, and design activities which engage the whole person.