About Us

Welcome to Sustainable NE Seattle!

This organization started in 2008 on the whim of three NE Seattle women who were passionate about making a contribution to solving the climate crisis. It has grown through several phases, always on a shoestring, but never without a will to keep looking for new ideas and initiatives. While our most successful projects have been around growing and eating food, we also have sprouted a number of community initiatives that have taken wing, including the NE Seattle Tool Library and the annual Hands On Skills Fair. Whether partnering with other organizations or going it on our own, our primary question has remained strong- what can we do as a community to reduce our collective impact on the planet? We invite your participation in answering this question however it manifests and hope you’ll get in touch with us with your own ideas and energy. As Rob Hopkins, who inspired the Transition movement said:

If we wait for the governments, it’ll be too little, too late; if we act as individuals, it’ll be too little; but if we act as communities, it might just be enough, just in time.

Mission, Goals, Values

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