Creating Community

A key ingredient to resilience is knowing your community and celebrating the things you achieve together to make change.

Barter Fair & Cider Pressing

An alternative economy might include bartering so we offer our community an opportunity to trade their wares and services at our annual barter fair. Excess zucchini for homemade pies. Cute knit hats for fixing your bike. Get to know your community as you share your talents and products. The Barter Fair is typically held during the harvest season, late September or early October, but we have had an occasional barter event in the summer in cooperation with the local Backyard Barter group.

Solar Cookout

We cook dinner together using solar power! Sometimes we build solar cookers together using foil and cardboard then we set out our cookers and cook with the sun.  Once the food is cooked we have a picnic. If you don’t have a cooker then you can bring a salad or something to drink, and join us for dinner.

Look for this event to occur during the heat of the summer, often in July.