Community Kitchen

Cooking together, learning how to prepare a vast array of foods then sitting down together to enjoy a meal and each another. This can include community center classes, preparing food for a local homeless shelter, and access to a preservation kitchen for learning food storage techniques.

Meadowbrook Community Kitchen

We join together with the Meadowbrook Community Center to create a community kitchen which brings people together around food in a shared space to plan, cook, learn, and eat together. These meals are focused on food that is healthy for people and the planet, i.e. organic and vegetarian. An added bonus of cooking together is the economic benefit of purchasing food in bulk and saving fuel resources. Participants will prepare food, eat together, and have food to take home. Participants are asked to bring dishes/ cookware to bring home their portion of the food that is prepared.

This community kitchen occurs the third Wednesday of most months. If interested please contact the Meadowbrook CC 206-684-7522. If you would be interested in starting one on a different day of the week, contact  Subject : community kitchen