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Connecting for a sustainable community
Connecting for a sustainable community

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Sourdough bread making

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Location: Kitchen, Meadowbrook Community Center
Time: (TBD)
Maximum attendance: 12

Minimum age: 12

Wild fermented sourdough bread has been apart of the human diet for thousands of years. Come learn how to transform flour, water, and salt using a wild fermented sourdough culture. We will get our hands dirty building the dough and forming and shaping a loaf. We will also learn about the tools needed and how to keep a sourdough culture alive. Bring a large bowl if you want to get hands-on and take home a dough to bake in your home oven. You will even be able to take home some sourdough starter (limited supply).

Instructor: Kyle Gati
Bio Chicago-native Kyle Gati is always looking to learn a new craft or practice. Outside of his work as an industrial designer, you might find him suited up caring for his honeybees, tending to his vegetable garden, teaching or practicing yoga, or experimenting with fermented foods including kefir and sourdough bread. The common thread seems to be his love of transforming simple things into beautiful and delicious outcomes. Although they require patience, the reward is always well worth it.