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Connecting for a sustainable community
Connecting for a sustainable community

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Making dairy-free nut milks and ice cream

Location: Kitchen, Meadowbrook Community Center
Time: 10:00 - 11:15, 2019-03-30
Maximum attendance: 15

Minimum age: (None specified)

Hands-on Demonstration on how to make dairy-free nut milks. This class will leave you with the confidence and understanding necessary for creating your own plant-based milks and ice creams at home. During the class we will make 1 nut milk, 1 diary-free ice cream and 1 nut milk milkshake all for enjoying together! Discuss pros/cons of making your own, substitution in recipes, etc.

Instructor: Dayna Robe
I have been dairy-free for several years cooking and baking with dairy free milks.