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Connecting for a sustainable community
Connecting for a sustainable community

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Learn simple bike repair

Location: Multi-purpose Close to Gym-Rm 6, Meadowbrook Community Center
Time: Come any time between 2:00 - 5:00, 2019-03-30
Maximum attendance: Unlimited

Minimum age: (None specified)

Bring your impaired bike and get help diagnosing what is wrong and learn how to fix it. things like... -Brake adjustments, good brake pads in Seattle -checking tire condition and pressure -how to work with a presta valve -checking rims for damage -checking frames for damage -what to do when your chain falls off -replacing an inner tube and/or the tire -adding racks -adjusting front and rear derailleurs -changing out gear shift and brake cables -changing pedals, adding pedal toe clips - a couple of different kinds -adding a bottle holder -adjusting seat heights and tilt and handle bars for a better fit -wearing your helmet properly, because they are poor fashion additions -good grease to use in Seattle -cleaning your chain -gear for commuting - lights - fenders - reflective things - rain clothes - small and large bike pump -keeping ears warm - glove options -