The mission of Sustainable NE Seattle is to support the transition of our community toward resilience and sustainability.
Connecting for a sustainable community
Connecting for a sustainable community

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Fermentation Station

Location: Multi-purpose Close to Kitch- Rm 7, Meadowbrook Community Center
Time: Come any time between 2:00 - 5:00, 2019-03-30
Maximum attendance: Unlimited

Minimum age: (None specified)

Have you always wanted to culture your own yogurt, make your own kombucha, or bake a home-made sourdough bread? Come on by our Cultural Diffusion table! We'll have cultures, starters, mothers, and more, all nurtured by your neighbors and ready to be shared. We will also be sharing easy-to-follow instructions on how to use the provided cultures to successfully make your own healthy, probiotic, home-made cultured products. Feel free to bring a few jars of your own culture to share at the table as well. Just make sure to include instructions on how to use them!